How You Can Help Brandon

 Dear Family and Friends, 

It is with a broken heart that I write you on behalf of our family, Suzanne Brandon's mother, Roger Brandon's father, Sean Brandon's brother, and myself Brandon's sister, to inform you the devastating news that the 4th Judicial District Attorney's Office of Colorado has informed us they have decided to not file charges against Brandon's murderer, Jacqueline Souza. The DA will announce their decision to the Judge on October 19th.

Our family has begged the DA's office for factual evidence every day for the last 75 days and still have not been told one piece of factual evidence as to how the DA came to the conclusion that not filing charges against Brandon's confirmed murderer is the most ethically just decision. 

The speculation based assumptions the DAs office have made about Brandon's character are simply appalling, but even worse they are 100% untrue. 

As the only surviving victims of Brandon's murder, we are empowering our legal right under the Colorado Victims Rights Act, to voice our objections on the record directly to the Judge on October 19th. At this time we will file a motion with the Judge pleading our case as to why charges should be filed against the accused and why Brandon deserves his case to be brought to trial, with the facts presented in front a jury. 

In addition to our official motion, we want to include any letters Brandon's loved ones would be compelled to write to the Judge. If you are interested in writing a letter to the Judge in support of our efforts to pursue justice for Brandon, please do not hesitate. This is our opportunity to show the Judge who Brandon was as a person and how both Brandon's life and his senseless murder has impacted so many. 

If you would like to write a letter in support of our pursuit of justice for Brandon, please kindly follow the Victims Advocate Guidelines below for the format of your letter:

  • Please address the letter to Judge Marla Prudek and write your letter in a voice directly to her, she will be the decision maker reading your letter
  • Please keep your letter to one page or as concise yet effective to your point as possible 
  • Please sign the letter with your full name and make sure to mention your relationship to Brandon under your signature 
  • Please email your letter back to me by 10/15, if possible, or let me know if you will be writing a letter but won't be able to send it before 10/15 Email:

Victims Advocate Guidelines for the criteria of your letter, please include any of the points below that you believe will be most effective in a letter from your point of view:

  • Show who Brandon was as a person from your voice
  • Show Brandon's character in your letter, using any examples from your individual relationship with Brandon to what you've witnessed from Brandon in general 
  • What impact did Brandon's life have, it can be specific to you or what you believe he impacted on society as a whole
  • What is the impact of the loss of Brandon, specific to you or what you believe is the impact of his loss on society as a whole
  • How has the loss of Brandon and/or the possibility of not filing charges against Brandon's murderer impacted his family
  • How will a decision to not file charges impact our family, all of those who loves Brandon, and/or society as a whole
  • Anything additional you believe is vital and effective to address directly with the Judge in relation to the life, loss, and the non pursuit of justice for Brandon Watkins

Please kindly refrain from including any of the following in your letter: 

  • Detailed facts specific to the case. An overview or brief mention of anything you have read in the news is okay, but please note the judge may not continue reading letters if they become too fact based, for legality purposes
  • Do not make your letter solely anger towards the prosecution team/DAs office, basic outrage is understandable due to how poorly they have done their jobs and treated both Brandon and our family, but your words are much better use if kept focused on humanizing Brandon for Judge Prudek
  • Do not focus too much on Brandon's murderer because her own admissions speak for themselves. What we need is to be Brandon's voice!

The most important criteria of your letter is that it is a letter from you. This is our only opportunity to bring Brandon to life for Judge Prudek and it will be most effective to include as many voices as possible. Your letter can be short and does not require to be overly formal (besides addressing the Judge with unwavering respect). 
Please email me if you have any questions, but there truly is no wrong way to write your letter as long as you focus on the significant person Brandon was and how senselessly he was taken from all of us. 

Our family will continue to fight for Brandon's right to justice and we are sincerely grateful for your love and your support. We know there is strength in numbers and together, we will have Brandon's voice heard. 

In pursuit of justice, 
The Family of Brandon Watkins 

Submit Your Letter

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